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Business in the Pandemic
18 September 2020 Vadim Khimich, X-market’s CEO, spoke about how the company lives and works during the Coronavirus crisis. More

Caution! Orgasm! Review of the Kip Dame vibrobullet
15 September 2020 Traveling is a good chance to test small toys, in a short time you can learn more than during a week of testing at home. Let’s find out what pleased Maria Chesnokova in a tiny Kip from the American brand Dame? More

Pelvic organ prolapse: ask your doctor
1 September 2020 Many women have to face conditions that are often advised to be treated by no other means than surgery. What kind of surgery is it? Are there any other methods? What's the use of training PFMs?
We asked these questions to Olga Malinina, urologist, gynecologist, PhD in Medicine.