INSCUP: masturbator with key

otouch , masturbator

The Chinese brand Otouch has introduced a new product for 2022 – the first masturbator with a magnetic key!


Russian version

According to company representatives, they are racing against the clock, trying to quickly introduce new products. The design of the INSCUP 2 masturbator follows Otouch's principles of elegance and restraint. Outwardly, it is disguised as a thermal mug, this was done on purpose so that it can be stored anywhere, and no one guessed the true purpose of the device. A unique patented magnetic lock has been added to the design, which can be opened with a key hidden in the bottom of the capsule, thereby protecting the masturbator from both possible contamination and the curiosity of strangers. Only the user knows exactly how the masturbator opens.

Inside – soft silicone with different textures is used to enhance the sensations. The entrance and inside of the masturbator is easy to stretch, so it is suitable for users with different penis sizes.

The INSCUP 2 has seven vibration modes, a heating function (like with the Airturn – the last year’s hit), and the masturbator is equipped with five 360° compression modes that mimic the contraction of the female vagina. “Compression occurs from all sides and is evenly distributed over the surface of the penis, simulating the most realistic sensations,” says the developer of the masturbator.

Another feature of the novelty is the ability to use the hands-free system – a suction cup is attached to the bottom of the capsule, which allows you to fix INSCUP 2 on a vertical surface and adjust its angle of inclination.

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