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Blogger Hanna Play appreciated the size and functionality of the transparent dildo from CalExotics.

Text and photo: Hanna Play

English version

I haven't had this before! Realistic, striped, of different colors and shapes, metal and glass phalluses I have in my collection, but as for the transparent realistic it is my first time.

First of all, I got aesthetic pleasure: the light is refracted and gives very intricate distortions when used – almost a kaleidoscope. Like an ice figurine or a gummy candy.

There are several varieties in this line, I got the most realistic in size and relief: about 20 cm long and 3.76 cm in diameter, a bright transition from the head and readable veins. It is in the combination of realism and futurism that the relish of this model.

Material – TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) – requires attention and delicate care.

Store it separately from other toys in a light cloth bag, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and lamps, wash with toy products or delicate soap. Villi, hair, dust particles can stick – rinse the toy before use. A water-only lubricant, silicone or oil will instantly turn it into something sticky and unaesthetic.

The phallus is flexible and resilient, takes body temperature in a few minutes, practically does not smell. Rubbery and creaky to the touch, smooth and supple in the process. If you plan to use the toy vaginally and anally, then don't forget the condom. The phallus has a powerful suction cup, pry the base with your finger, do not pull, then you can easily move it. The material may leave teeth marks and scratches with due diligence, please be aware of this.

The manufacturer – California Exotic Novelties comes from the USA, with a long history and decent quality.

The model is good for those who have not yet decided how realistic they would like to see a toy. For visuals who are eager to look and consider. As an interior detail.

The product is provided by the wholesale company S-Market with the assistance of