Orchids by Lola Games

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Our editor tested a novelty of the Russian brand – a set of menstrual cups.

Text: Ekaterina Nikolaeva
Photo: Ekaterina Nikolaeva and NuArt Studio

Russian version

Cups from Lola Games became only the second in my modest collection of menstrual cups. I will say right away that before them I thought that one cup was enough for me, but no, this set changed my mind.

A few words about the Natural Wellness collection from Lola Games. It includes five colors of cups according to the name of the flowers: iris – royal blue, peony – deep burgundy, tulip – bright purple, orchid – pale lavender and magnolia – powder colors. All cups are made in two sizes, sold both individually and in sets. Comes with a bag in the color of the cup.


One of the advantages of menstrual cups is environmental friendliness: their use significantly reduces the amount of waste, respectively, and I have a similar requirement for packaging. Lola Games coped with this with a bang: the packaging consists of a cardboard wrapper and a bag for storing a set of cups.

Both cups are drawn in full size on the package, the capacity of each of them is indicated: 20 ml and 15 ml. And on the reverse side - instructions in pictures: wash your hands, roll up the cup, insert into the vagina, wear up to 12 hours, boil. And also drawn three options for folding cups. Yes, origami from cups is a useful skill, since with each particular cup you have to choose your own way of folding for subsequent introduction.

The bag for storing cups is very roomy (11x7x4 cm): even my first, large 28 ml Berry Cup was placed there along with the set. The handbag has dense sidewalls and a convenient zipper, the material is waterproof polyester.

Inside there is also an instruction on a tiny piece of paper (6.5x5 cm), where the drawings for use and care from the package are repeated, only each of them is also signed briefly. The advantages of menstrual cups are also listed: environmentally friendly, comfortable to use, reusable, do not cause dryness and are invisible while wearing.

And most importantly, this instruction indicates that the cups are designed in Russia and made in China.

Menstrual cups

The set includes two cups of soft lavender color, tulip-shaped (slightly narrower towards the top), with a loop tail, on which the manufacturer's logo is engraved. The peculiarity of cups from Lola Games is that they have a slightly beveled edge: the difference in height is 3 mm. Both cups are made of silicone, velvety to the touch, very elastic, and have a thickened rim (this is done to guarantee the opening of the cup inside).

Under the rim, each of them has four holes, be sure to make sure that they are not clogged when installing the cup.

Small 15 ml, weighing 12.5 grams, length 6 cm with a tail, or 4.5 cm without a tail, diameter – 3.5 cm.

Large cup of 20 ml, weighing 15.1 grams, length 7 cm with a tail, or 5.5 cm without a tail, the diameter of the large cup is also 3.5 cm.


With both menstrual cups, I made friends oh how not right away! Suddenly, but the first time I managed to put one or the other cup between the neck and the front wall. How?! I didn’t understand myself, and if you don’t look, you won’t look! But in the end, I did it right!

The downside is that for me personally, the cups are very small in volume.

For comparison, in the early days, a 28 ml cup from a Berry Cup barely lasts a maximum of 4 hours. At the same time, after 7-8 hours of wearing, it still causes discomfort with its volume and a very dense rim, literally begins to press.

I found this solution: I began to combine my first cup with cups from Lola Games, using them on the third or fourth days of menstruation, when the discharge is not so plentiful, and their small volume copes with the load, besides, they are much softer, and do not cause no discomfort when worn.

There are a couple more minuses of cups from Lola Games. First, it is a form and velvety silicone. It is not enough just to rinse the cups with water and cleaner, they must be washed by hand, because the discharge “clings” to the silicone and gets stuck under the rim. Secondly, when compared with the cup from Berry Cup, it has horizontal stripes on the bottom on the outside, thanks to which the cup does not slip when removed, while Orchid from Lola Games does not have this – they are absolutely smooth. And to remove the cup, it’s not enough just to pull it by the tail or loop, you need to squeeze it a little, and if it overflows, then everything becomes slippery, and it’s not so easy to remove it.

In general, although I did not immediately get used to these cups, nevertheless I really liked them. And the packaging for storage, and the fact that they are pleasant to the touch, and the fact that they are not really felt inside, while opening well. And most importantly, a set of cups is convenient, especially if you don’t know what size cup to start with.

Menstrual cups provided by Lola Games.