Advertising on sexshopers: right on target!

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Why does advertising on sexshopers work? Where and how can it be placed?

Text: Marina Chicheva
Illustration: NuArt Studio

Why advertising on sexshopers works: its hitting the target audience

Our site targets a mixed b2b and b2c audience.

Six years after the opening of the site, we can proudly say that we are read by almost 100% of the participants in the Russian adult industry, as well as representatives of many foreign companies. It is difficult to find an online or offline store, a supplier company or a manufacturer who would not know who is. And this means that if you need to contact market participants, then you simply cannot find a more suitable platform. This also applies to foreign companies. If you want the entire Russian market to know about you and your products, come to sexshopers!

If you are focused on end customers, then at least half of our readers are not random people, but those who are really interested in information about market innovations.

Where and how to advertise: types of advertising materials, placement, features, newsletters

You can place banners, articles, short announcements on our website and in our existing social networks. You can make a company card with an individual design (photo, direct contacts) or place a link to your product in articles.

Banners. We place advertising banners with a link to the site you specified:
 – on the main page (in the slider, up to 10 banners at the same time or exclusively one);
 – over all articles of the selected sections, regardless of the time of their publication;
 – in product cards;
 – on pages with lists of companies.

How it looks, check the screenshots in the slider at the beginning of the text.

Newsletter advertising: text, banner, direct link to your website. Our mailing list is published monthly and has about 3000 subscribers.

Articles. You can tell about your company, product, event, share your impressions, invite to cooperation. Everything that is related to the adult industry (and does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation), we will publish, and our audience will read it. The announcement of the article will definitely get into the sexshopers social networks , as well as into our weekly newsletter, adding views to your material. (By the way, if you haven't subscribed yet, give it a try. Digest in your mail is handy.)

Short announcements. Perhaps you are expecting a small event, a promotion, or new items in new colors have arrived. There may not be enough material for a whole article, but for social networks - just right!

Direct link in articles. Do you want our reader to immediately receive an answer to the frequently asked question: "Where to buy it" after reading a review on a toy, lubricant or erotic costume? Then this is your option. We will place in the article a link to your store or a product card on the marketplace .

Approximate prices are on a special page of the site. Write us and we'll discuss your needs.

Sincerely yours, editor-in-chief.